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posted on 2020 March 16 /

Dear Partners,

This letter is to provide notice of the certain events, related with COVID-19 outbreak.
Due to COVID-19 virus outbreak, which has reportedly spread to all regions of different countries in
the world, Arginta Engineering has taken actions related with this situation also.
Currently we do have isolation period in Lithuania, as there is 14 registered cases of COVID-19
virus in Lithuania. (
After detailed risk assessment Arginta Engineering will continue to operate minimizing any impact of
this situation to the business.
Currently we have secured deliveries to the customer according agreed schedules. There could appear
just minor deviations caused by workshop people leaving for child care, as schools and day care in
Lithuania is closed for the next 2 weeks. There will not be major deviations compared to previous
years seasonal illness leaves. We have prepared 6 days working week (maximum 2 week/month
according local legislation) in the workshop during week 12 and 13/2020.
Company premises are full of disinfection liquids, cleaning personnel are instructed to disinfect risk
surfaces on constant base.
Office personnel will work continuously using virtually technologies from home office, and there will
be no impact to any virtual communications.
Quality department is in the office and works fully in line with production.
As Arginta engineering is verticaly integrated organization, we do not have any major impact from
sub-supplier. Few surface treatment sub-suppliers are covered with tripple sourcing strategy.
All materials (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium) are secured with tripple source: North Europe +
Central Europe + Eastern Europe.
We have prepared back up for the shipment companies, so we can secure deliveries as planned. It was
done just for the DAP deliveries, all FCA deliveries, customers must contact our team for solutions.
Restrictions will apply for the next 2 weeks:
1. No business trips for any of our employees
2. No visits of all foreign guests
3. No presence of employees in the company premises having contact with representatives from any
other countries during the last 14 days, control is applied personally and is controlled under the law of

If there will be a heavy COVID-19 virus outbreak in Lithuania there is ready emergency plan to close
the factory for 2-3 weeks, which will be vacation relocation from summer and winter vacations 2020.
It was agree with the labour union and will be applied just if Lithuanian Government will advice to do
so in order to protect personnel health. Quarterly capacity compensation will be done by 6 days
working week and no factory vacations (close downs) in July and December 2020. Such solution will
enable to have minimum impact on deliveries, company’s financial situation and employees health and
We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to keep you informed weekly during the next few
Please contact me personally if you have any questions.
Sincerely Yours,
Tomas Jaskelevicius
Arginta engineering UAB

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