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Engineering expertise and manufacturing solutions to a customer operating in the mining and tunneling segment

posted on 2021 June 3 /

We would like to present an „Arginta Engineering“ business case to our readers. Each business case will illustrate a specific demand from our customer and the added value that „Arginta Engineering“ generated to the counterpart.


Our Customer is a company operating in the field of underground mining and tunnelling. The company manufactures mining and tunneling equipment and construction chemicals. In addition to this, the company also provides best practice solutions and expertise in the field of mining and tunneling to its buyers. 

Essence of the business case and „Arginta Engineering“ solution

The Customer, in collaboration with the engineering team of „Arginta Engineering“, designed and developed a new type of rear compartment to its personnel transportation vehicle. The rear compartment is used to carry underground personnel to the underground working sites. After the Customer submitted the necessary documentation, „Arginta Engineering“ manufactured the rear compartment in accordance with requirements provided by the Customer. The product was shipped to the Customer, who then conducted stress tests on the rear compartment. 

After the conduction of stress tests, the Customer has come to the conclusion that several modifications were necessary to the rear compartment. Engineering team of „Arginta Engineering“ collaborated with the Customer and provided engineering expertise as well as specific recommendations on the modifications that would improve the functionality and performance of the rear compartment. The rear compartment will be shipped back to the manufacturing facilities of „Arginta Engineering“, where the rear compartment will be modified by the engineering specialists of „Arginta Engineering“.

“Arginta Engineering” manufactured the second prototype of the rear compartment – based on the recommendations that our team of engineers provided to the Customer. The second version of the rear compartment will be shipped to the Customer and tested in the Client’s facilities. 

Is your company looking for engineering expertise and machinery/equipment manufacturing services?

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