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„Arginta Engineering“ business case N2

posted on 2021 July 22 /

We would like to present another „Arginta Engineering“ business case to our readers. Each business case will illustrate a specific demand from our customer and the added value that „Arginta Engineering“ generated to the counterpart.


Our Customer is a company which designs and builds customized PET stretch blow molding machines. The Customer also manufactures PET preforms. 

Essence of the business case and „Arginta Engineering“ solution

As a result of growing demand and increasing manufacturing capacity, the Customer decided to invest into an additional conveyor line. The Customer created a sketch of the product and presented „Arginta Engineering“ with a set of ideas and requests regarding the conveyor line. In addition to this, the Customer also provided „Arginta Engineering“ with the required dimensions of the conveyor line.

After the Customer submitted all of the requirements, „Arginta Engineering“ has:

  • Designed and constructed the conveyor line based on the Customer’s requirements. During the stage of product design, our engineering team provided the Customer with a set of recommendations in order to achieve the optimal performance of the conveyor line;
  • Manufactured separate components of the conveyor line;
  • Assembled the conveyor line from separate components;
  • Performed a set of tests on the manufactured conveyor line.

Currently, „Arginta Engineering“ is finalizing the assembling and testing of the conveyor line, which will then be transported to the customer in separate parts for final assembling, checks and inspection. „Arginta Engineering“ will dedicate a member of its engineering team to supervise the final assembling of the conveyor line at the Customer’s manufacturing premises. A specialist from „Arginta Engineering“ will also assist and supervise the final tests of the assembled conveyor line in order to make sure that all components of the product are performing in line with Customer’s requirements.

Why „Arginta Engineering“?

The Customer chose „Arginta Engineering“ due to several factors:

  • We are able to cover all of the elements of the supply chain – from design and construction of the product to ordering of inputs and manufacturing of the product. 
  • The Customer has received positive feedback from its business circle about the reliability and quality of work performed by „Arginta Engineering“. This positive feedback has induced the Customer to approach us for this specific task. 
  • Speed and flexibility. We are able to adjust our manufacturing process and to take into account specific requirements of each customer. This ability allows us to manufacture niche and specific products. 

Is your company looking for engineering expertise and machinery/equipment manufacturing services?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact us. „Arginta Engineering“ experts will be happy to assist with your business inquiry. Contact us 

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