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Arginta Engineering expansion: New facility in Panevėžys to employ 300 people

posted on 2022 May 3 /

In 2023, the company’s modern factory in Panevėžys will open its doors, employing up to 100 people in the first phase of the expansion and up to 300 people within a few years. This investment will allow even more efficient planning and implementation of internal production processes, will improve the working conditions of Panevėžys employees and will ensure the company’s further growth.

Four years ago, Arginta Engineering started its operations not only in Vilnius, but also in Panevėžys, and at the end of 2021 it acquired a plant in Finland with more than 40 years of experience in the field of metal equipment manufacturing and engineering industry. As part of the company’s steady growth, we have decided to initiate a further stage of expansion in Panevėžys and to build a modern factory here. We plan that this development of production capacity will give us a competitive advantage internationally and provide additional convenience for our employees.

Development is driven by universal activity

During the first stage of development, Eur 5 million will be invested in the plant located in the Panevėžys Free Economic Zone, a total of around Eur 15 million is planned to be invested during the three development phases.

All activities in the current Panevėžys plant will be transferred to the new plant. The new production building will be a supplier of intermediate products to the factories in Vilnius and Finland, with the aim of assembling and testing the final product. The equipment manufactured by the company will continue to be constructed in Vilnius.

Arginta Engineering consistent growth and uniqueness in the market is ensured by an extremely wide range of project management services and activities focused on different sectors. Competitiveness comes from a comprehensive range of services: design, procurement of components and raw materials, production, assembly and delivery of the product to the customer, and meticulous quality control. This allows not only to successfully manage the risks arising at various stages of the project, but also to make efficient use of production resources. In addition, our long-term stability and protection against sudden changes in one segment is guaranteed by the wide range of sectors in which we operate: from pulp, mining, metals, paper, oil and gas or automotive industries to water management and wind power projects.

Creating up to 300 new jobs

As part of its expansion, Arginta Engineering will also seek strong team reinforcement and, by 2027, it will create up to 300 new jobs in Panevėžys for machine tool operators, welders and others – both experienced production workers and motivated apprentices as well as those wishing to change their field of work.

We will invite to join our team both experienced specialists in various fields and people with a strong desire to learn for whom we will ensure not only modern working conditions, but also transparent and one of the highest salaries in the sector.

Arginta Engineering plant in Panevėžys will have an area of 15,000 sq. m. It will be equipped with innovative production, administrative and domestic premises that meet Western standards. Employees will be able to relax in green leisure areas, and for the convenience of the team, there will be a state-of-the-art car park next to the plant, with spaces for electric cars and charging stations.

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