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FROSIO Engineer enables manufacturing for offshore projects

posted on 2022 August 16 /

Being in a project business and having established industry diversification strategy means that we have a variety of products being manufactured in Arginta Engineering. Each category of products has their own requirements and regulations that need to be met in high standard.

One of the special technical requirements comes with offshore projects, which are growing in demand, is to follow high corrosion preventive Norsok painting system and have inspections throughout the process. Our Head of Quality department, Mindaugas Pūras, is certified FROSIO Surface Treatment Engineer (Level III), which allows us to fulfill offshore requirements.

“We are proud to be involved in demanding offshore projects for renewable energy industry. With strict preparation and coating, the steel constructions last longer against the rough environments they are placed in, which adds to cost savings and sustainability long term.” – Mindaugas

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