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New department and staff structure changes

posted on 2022 August 8 /

Arginta Engineering has returned after summer holiday with great news to share!

In the course of development, we are constantly carrying out internal changes, which are intended for increasing efficiency and the quality of the services provided.

This week a new department of logistics was established which is responsible for all internal and external logistics activities. Laimonas Duoba, who started his work with internal logistics, later managed the welding department, the engineering department, and contributed to production planning, which accounts to more than 10 years in the company, has been appointed head of the logistics department.

Paulius Rutkevičius was appointed as the head of the engineering department. Paulius started his career at Arginta Engineering as a technologist assistant, later became a technologist, and for the last two years was the right hand of the head of the engineering department.

Having a separate logistics department will strengthen clear communication outside and inside of the company as well as give better control over moving goods all around.

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