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We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.

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Arginta Engineering is rebranded 2023

posted on 2023 March 21 /

2023 brings us exciting news.

As of today, Arginta Engineering logo is updated to deepen our brand image.

There are two main advantages of this change:

  1. Brand alignment between our factories

In 2021 October we have announced the purchase of new factory in Outokumpu, Finland – Turula Engineering. It received a newly designed modern logotype, which was different from Arginta Engineering at the time. From now on we are keeping the same form for all Arginta Engineering business units.

  1. Full company name in the logo

Historically our signature logo contained two letters – AG, which came from the names of Arginta founders back in 1991, however it was decided to include the company name into logo, which clearly indicates visual attachment to Arginta Engineering.


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