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We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.

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Vilnius workshop is a click away!

posted on 2023 March 7 /

When was the last time you travelled to Vilnius? ✈

Past few years have taught us well that remote work 💻 is possible and can be great for faster decision making and coordination processes. Although we do miss face to face meetings – the travelling became less frequent.

We came up with a solution for you to have a little sneak peak into our daily production – now you can visit us any time and any place (given you have internet access).

A click of a button away is your trip to the headquarters of Arginta Engineering in Vilnius!

Hope you enjoy the online tour around 8000m2 facility including all production processes from prefabrication up to assembly.

P.S. Best used with computer or mobile in landscape mode (Be sure to turn on gyroscope!)

#ExcellenceInEngineering #ManufacturingLT ✈

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