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We are integrated manufacturing company of complex machinery and equipment.

manufacturing workshops.We have 11000 m² of space

1st location

Our location in Vilnius is also the headquarters of the company

2nd location

Our second manufacturing  location is 150 km  away from Vilnius in Panevezys City. It has 3000 m2 of manufacturing space.

Vilnius workshop.Production area is ~8000 square meters.

Manufacturing areas divided into seperate sections

Warehouse, cutting, prefabrication (bending, drilling, etc.), mild steel welding, stainless steel welding, machining, painting, assembly. Lifting capacity is up to 16 tonnes.


200 people: 150 blue collar and 50 white collar.

Panevezys workshop.Production area is ~3000 square meters

Manufacturing areas divided into seperate sections

Painting area, turning area, milling area, grinding area, prefabrication area, welding area.


50 people: 40 blue collar and 10 white collar.